Wolverine Guteborg

Champion In Progress

Level 55 Animator


Personal Details

Wolverine Guteborg, Champion In Progress...

He is said to be an Animator of 55th level. Hailing from Xithan's Slab in the Deadlands, he is said to have scruffy hair, green eyes and olive skin. His puny figure, proudly displaying his missing finger has been sighted rushing into battle with a perfectionist warcry of "Grahhh!".

When girded for battle, he is known to wield his Rituals of Frenzy, Froth and Fervor (Decent) and Unbelievably Sharp Vorpal Saw (Decent), and is arrayed in his Dreadward Glyph of the Umbral Shell (Decent). Foes are said to wither before the might of his Many Armed Giant Hivebeast (Decent).

Wolverine Guteborg was born under the sign of The Hopeful Cloud. This star sign is part of the Emotion Phase and the Creation Aspect.

Wolverine Guteborg is currently sober.

Wolverine Guteborg is ranked 12th among those born under The Hopeful Cloud.

Wolverine Guteborg is ranked 20th among Animators.

  • 8,930,330 Total XP
  • 427,356 Gold


Wolverine Guteborg has the following advantages:

  • Banner of Exploration

    Banner of Exploration

    "Yes, this is a fertile land. We will rule over it... and we shall call it... This Land."

  • Trollblood Ring of Regeneration

    Trollblood Ring of Regeneration

    Trolls, famous for their ability to regenerate wounds, are also the perfect ingredient for magic rings which mimic this effect.

  • Prismatic Watchman Shard

    Prismatic Watchman Shard

    A strange lense commonly carried by guardsmen to ward off ambushes and traps. Its method of doing this is unknown, however its effectiveness is sworn by in the guardsman business.

Recent Happenings

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