Tazarag Orleons

The Volcano Unleashed

Level 53 Dwarven Earth Sage

Mountain Kingdoms
Dwarven Earth Sage

Personal Details

Here lies Tazarag Orleons, the late, great The Volcano Unleashed...

He was said to be a Dwarven Earth Sage of 53rd level. Hailing from Al'Drommo Great Forge in the Mountain Kingdoms, he was said to have scruffy hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. His muscular figure, proudly displaying his beard was frequently sighted rushing into battle with a crude warcry of "Tis a fine day for you to become one with the earth ... *crush* ... so much better now.".

When girded for battle, he was known to wield his Double Barrel Mithril Lavastone Flamer, and was arrayed in his Impenetrable Corite Rune Plate (Decent). Foes were said to wither before the might of his Living Volcano Spirit (Decent) and Double Mithril War Pick.

Tazarag Orleons was born under the sign of The Bountiful Witch. This star sign is part of the Prosperity Phase and the Misfortune Aspect.

Tragically, he was eventually defeated, and his last words are recorded as being "The earth is eternal. Its fury is upon you now.".

  • 7,813,042 Total XP
  • 666,827 Gold


Tazarag Orleons has no advantages.

Recent Happenings

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