Spirit Binder

Level 25 Necromancer


Personal Details

Rafeal, Spirit Binder...

He is said to be a Necromancer of 25th level. Hailing from Soulforge Academy in the Deadlands, he is said to have short spikey hair, glowing purple eyes and fair skin. His athletic figure has been sighted rushing into battle with a perfectionist warcry of "You're not symmetrical! Disgusting!".

When girded for battle, he is known to wield his Greater Bracelet of Deathfinger, and is arrayed in his Dreadbone Chain Armor. Foes are said to wither before the might of his Massive Horde of Brainless Ones and Runed Bone Key Necklace.

Rafeal was born under the sign of The Creative Bridge. This star sign is part of the Creation Phase and the Creation Aspect.

Rafeal is currently sober.

  • 506,145 Total XP
  • 58,282 Gold


Rafeal has no advantages.

Recent Happenings

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