Mythic Proportion

Lady of Carnage

Level 60 Bone Lord

Bone Lord

Personal Details

Mythic Proportion, Lady of Carnage...

She is said to be a Bone Lord of 60th level. Hailing from Xithan Boneguard in the Deadlands, she is said to have crusty dreadlocks hair, green eyes and dark skin. Her athletic figure, proudly displaying her ritual scarring has been sighted rushing into battle with a sinister warcry of "Boo-Yah!".

When girded for battle, she is known to wield her Etherium Soultearer Harpoon Chain (Good) and Spectral Talons of Ruin (Excellent), and is arrayed in her Black Starsteel Spiked Titanbone Warframe (Good). Foes are said to wither before the might of her Supreme Soul Harvester Glyph (Good).

Mythic Proportion was born under the sign of The Renewed Shield. This star sign is part of the Prosperity Phase and the Creation Aspect.

Mythic Proportion is currently sober.

Mythic Proportion is ranked 9th among those born under The Renewed Shield.

Mythic Proportion is ranked 18th among Bone Lords.

  • 13,165,479 Total XP
  • 1,664,143 Gold


Mythic Proportion has no advantages.

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