Gratefully Addicted

Level 54 Zealot

Steel Empire

Personal Details

Magrucia, Gratefully Addicted...

She is said to be a Zealot of 54th level. Hailing from Dacia Hall in the Steel Empire, she is said to have braided hair, green eyes and freckled skin. Her buxom figure, proudly displaying her piercing gaze has been sighted rushing into battle with an amorous warcry of "Ooga Booga".

When girded for battle, she is known to wield her Assortment of Deadly Eternium Weapons (Decent), and is arrayed in her Mandate of the Emperor (Decent) and Donated Xorr Alloy Armor (Superior). Foes are said to wither before the might of her High Order of the Redeemed (Decent).

Magrucia was born under the sign of The Disappointed Candle. This star sign is part of the Emotion Phase and the Reason Aspect.

Magrucia is currently sober.

Magrucia is ranked 11th among those born under The Disappointed Candle.

Magrucia is ranked 18th among Zealots.

  • 8,174,337 Total XP
  • 9,020 Gold


Magrucia has the following advantages:

  • Amulet of Recall

    Amulet of Recall

    A red orb set in a golden amulet, allowing instantaneous travel back to a set location.

Recent Happenings

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