Crusher of Hope

Level 61 Dread Minstrel

Dread Minstrel

Personal Details

Jehrel, Crusher of Hope...

He is said to be a Dread Minstrel of 61st level. Hailing from Bonekeep Gloombringers in the Deadlands, he is said to have scruffy hair, wild eyes and dark skin. His fat figure, proudly displaying his obvious birthmark has been sighted rushing into battle with an insane warcry.

When girded for battle, he is known to wield his Chorus of Insanity (Good), and is arrayed in his Shadowcrawling Silks of Pure Darkness (Good). Foes are said to wither before the might of his Petrified Dragonhide Violin (Good).

Jehrel was born under the sign of The Balanced Prisoner. This star sign is part of the Reason Phase and the Misfortune Aspect.

Jehrel is currently sober.

Jehrel is ranked 12th among those born under The Balanced Prisoner.

Jehrel is ranked 16th among Dread Minstrels.

  • 14,293,959 Total XP
  • 1,181,353 Gold


Jehrel has the following advantages:

  • Amulet of Recall

    Amulet of Recall

    A red orb set in a golden amulet, allowing instantaneous travel back to a set location.

  • Banner of Exploration

    Banner of Exploration

    "Yes, this is a fertile land. We will rule over it... and we shall call it... This Land."

  • Gnomish Backpack of Holding

    Gnomish Backpack of Holding

    Famous for their love of treasure, Gnomes spend centurites perfecting the ability to store and protect it. Their wisest Coin Masters have managed to improve on the arcane physics of the bags of holding to create their own version, a backpack.

Recent Happenings

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