Baltron Cragslammer

Bloody Basher

Level 43 Dwarven Berzerker

Mountain Kingdoms
Dwarven Berzerker

Personal Details

Baltron Cragslammer, Bloody Basher...

He is said to be a Dwarven Berzerker of 43rd level. Hailing from Blister Peak Mercenaries in the Mountain Kingdoms, he is said to have waxed mohawk hair, jade green eyes and copper skin. His heavily scarred figure, proudly displaying his nasty scar has been sighted rushing into battle with a rowdy warcry of "See that crag? Allow me to slam your face into it!".

When girded for battle, he is known to wield his Runed Mithril Battle Axe, and is arrayed in his Massive Mithril Shoulderspikes and Vest and Horned Mithril Greathelm. Foes are said to wither before the might of his Chundergutz Lager Keg.

Baltron Cragslammer was born under the sign of The Creative Tower. This star sign is part of the Creation Phase and the Prosperity Aspect.

Baltron Cragslammer is currently sober.

Baltron Cragslammer is ranked 52nd among those born under The Creative Tower.

  • 2,753,374 Total XP
  • 967,249 Gold


Baltron Cragslammer has no advantages.

Recent Happenings

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