Famous Master

Level 126 Moon Elf Ranger

Mountain Kingdoms
Moon Elf Ranger

Personal Details

Aira, Famous Master...

She is said to be a Moon Elf Ranger of 126th level. Hailing from Moonspire Guardians Lodge in the Mountain Kingdoms, she is said to have braided hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Her athletic figure, proudly displaying her long pointed ears has been sighted rushing into battle with a mysterious warcry of "Phena's Revenge".

When girded for battle, she is known to wield her Starwood Longbow (Astounding) and Furium Mindfire Powder (Astounding), and is arrayed in her Champions Lunarium Mail (Astounding). Foes are said to wither before the might of her Shadowglyph Tattoo of the Full Moon (Incredible).

Aira is often seen riding into battle on her Fine Steed.

Aira was born under the sign of The Balanced Rod. This star sign is part of the Reason Phase and the Destruction Aspect.

Aira is currently sober.

Aira is ranked 1st among those born under The Balanced Rod.

Aira is ranked 4th among Moon Elf Rangers.

  • 196,842,372 Total XP
  • 11,030,666 Gold


Aira has the following advantages:

  • Amulet of Recall

    Amulet of Recall

    A red orb set in a golden amulet, allowing instantaneous travel back to a set location.

  • Ring of Life Gate

    Ring of Life Gate

    An ornate mirrorsteel band with ethereal key markings dancing across its surface.

  • Banner of Exploration

    Banner of Exploration

    "Yes, this is a fertile land. We will rule over it... and we shall call it... This Land."

  • Gnomish Backpack of Holding

    Gnomish Backpack of Holding

    Famous for their love of treasure, Gnomes spend centurites perfecting the ability to store and protect it. Their wisest Coin Masters have managed to improve on the arcane physics of the bags of holding to create their own version, a backpack.

  • Infused Trollblood Ring of Regeneration

    Infused Trollblood Ring of Regeneration

    Much like a regular Trollblood ring, this much rarer and more powerful version is said to contain the essence of one of the Troll Lords of old, creatures of immense healing ability and reportedly almost impossible to kill!

  • Prismatic Watchman Shard

    Prismatic Watchman Shard

    A strange lense commonly carried by guardsmen to ward off ambushes and traps. Its method of doing this is unknown, however its effectiveness is sworn by in the guardsman business.

  • Timesink Emerald of Focus

    Timesink Emerald of Focus

    This small gemstone makes its owner more resistant to the effects of time wasting, entrapment and trickery by focusing the bearers mind on the essentials of escaping any situation which would otherwise confuse people.

  • Dazzling Lootstone of Misdirection

    Dazzling Lootstone of Misdirection

    This small gemstone protects the bearer from thieves by attempting to become an irrisistable target for theft, rather than real loot, and then magically reappearing back in the hands of its owner shortly after the thief has moved on.

  • Veteran Drinker

    Veteran Drinker

    Display your veteran drinkers mug proudly for all to see! You were here as one of the first, and you always get a table.

  • Gauntlets of Potency

    Gauntlets of Potency

    These mighty artifacts have been recovered from the ruins of a shattered civilization beyond the blighted wastelands. Wearing them bestows an increase to the skill at any task the wearer performs, whether it be magic, swordplay, or anything else adventuring types get up to.

  • Ultimate Loot Transmutation Cube

    Ultimate Loot Transmutation Cube

    While Transmutation cubes are by no means common, the Ultimate variety is exceedingly rare. Unlike the other cubes which are black, the Ultimate ones are silver and polished to a mirror finish. Mounted on each side is a jewel of a different type, of exceptional value and precision cut. The essence this device can store is trully immense, allowing regular use without the need to recharge as often.

  • Gold Merchant Guild Membership

    Gold Merchant Guild Membership

    This exclusive level of membership offers you access to the finest of clients who have more money than sense. First pick and first priority is the name of the game, and in this business that makes all the difference. The exclusive collectors also seem to relish buying goods from the gold members for some reason. Chances are they have some financial stake in the merchant guild and this helps make them even more money. Oh what an unfair world!

  • Expert Mount Training

    Expert Mount Training

    With the Expert level of training for your mount, it can move back and forth even more than ever, for a total of 6 times per day for free. In addition, it rests at an even faster rate. These mounts are the finest in all whole stable!

Recent Happenings

  • Aira, Famous Master killed Pesky Arbor Hall Brownies in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Lava Core Elemental in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Sunstar Mechanomera Shifter in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Stonefoot Sludge Spined Lump in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Vile Yellowbelly Crawbats in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Air Cutter Hornet Swarm in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Huge Mutated Raptor Mouse in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Glittering Primal Ooze in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Wolf Spider Hunting Pack in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master discovered Well of Wobbles in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Elite Arbor Hall Brownie Archers in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Wicked Tanglespike Gremlin in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Gripping Lasso Sludger Beasts in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Gargantuan Primal Serpent in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Xeken Satyr Mega Moth Rider in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Whirling Quicksilver Blade Golem in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Riotous Augol Barrow Gnomes in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Purple Claw Tempest Aphid in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Knowitallese Oolbid Demon Ecologist in Primordia
  • Aira, Famous Master killed Blackstar Mechanomera Swarmers in Primordia

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