Death Valley, dangerous? Wait'll you see the Chasms
16 November, 2010
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    The bartender rings the big bronze bell that he had installed a few weeks ago to get everyone's attention, which is a nice change considering he'd usually just yell louder than everyone else could talk in times past. "Alright settle down everyone, I know you were all wondering the same thing as me recently, and that's what was the deal with that earthquake we all felt rumbling the froth off our beer a couple of weeks back. I've been able to hear from a few enterprising folk who were out exploring the far sides of the Bravaki Wastelands that a huge split has opened up in the earth, all the way from the Skyclaw mountains, into the lands beyond."

    He takes a moment to let the idea sink in and swig down a mouthful of beer. With an almighty belch, he continues. "Now I don't want to go ahead and say that the place is full of treasure, but there's all sorts of ancient ruins there, and if anyone wants..." he trails off, looking around the room seeing nothing but swirling dust clouds and a swinging front door, as all the adventurers appear to have rushed off to try and be the first there to get all the best loot.

    "Ah well, they'll be back with more spending money than ever soon I guess..."

    We're proud to announce the grand opening of the new location, the Chasms of Craeth! It's designed for level 30 to 45 players, and features the usual slew of interesting locations, evil monsters, valuable loot and annoyingly amusing traps you've come to expect from us. Enjoy!

    In other news...

    • Existing players can now link up their account to their Facebook account for a single login!

    Happy Adventuring,

    The DT Team

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