Festivus is here!
25 December, 2011
  • Festivus is here, so help us celebrate! And what better way than to help Fakebeard the Festivus Pirate recover as many Festivus gifts as possible, trading them in for a whole bunch of eggnog and other goodies to help you in your adventures.

    During the Festivus event, a bunch of monsters called Grinchlings have infested the world, and stolen all the free stuff that usually would have been given out to all the needy children and patrons at the Tavern, and it's up to the biggest and best heroes of the land to recover them and save Festivus from being a total fizzer. Beat up those monsters, steal their loot, and this time, bring back the holiday gifts for some extra stuff.

    In addition, there's an awesome sale on credits, which are better value than ever, and each Grinchling you beat the tar out of earns you bonus XP and gold. There's never been a better time to get rowdy and administer some seasons beatings.

    Happy Adventuring,

    - The DT Team

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